Graphite & Colored Pencil Drawing on Paper, 2019

“Guided Missile Bank” by Michael Pitzer

rocket-ship-bank.jpg by Michael Pitzer
Detail image of rocket ship bank by Michael Pitzer
Detail image of rocket ship bank by Michael Pitzer

I’m not exactly sure how I got my Guided Missile Bank. It might have been from my Dad who probably got it at Willey Sign Company as some sort of promotion from a local supplier. Can't remember for sure, but I do know that my brother-in-law Jim has one too. I did some research while creating this drawing and found out that two brothers, John Berzac and Steven left Duro Mold to start their own company, Astro Mold, in 1957. This bank was one of their first designs and was influenced by the “Space Race” period in our country. Coin banks like these amazing give-aways to anyone opening a new savings account. People probably don’t remember that back then banks were for business, savings & loans were where people saved their money and borrowed because ordinary people didn’t have credit cards — they basically saved and paid cash for things they wanted.

What I do remember about this bank was that I broke off the firing pin, which looked like a little bomb, while launching something other than coins. I threw away the red rubber feet caps because I didn’t think they were cool. And then when we moved from Algonac to St.Clair, my bank disappeared along with all of my 1968 signed Tigers baseball cards which included Denny McLain, Willie Horton, Mickey Stanley and Al Kaline. I had ‘em all. Then we moved and a lot of my stuff vanished… icon
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  • Title: “Guided Missile Bank”

  • Artist: Michael Pitzer

  • Medium: Graphite, Colored Pencil on Paper

  • Image Size: 36" W x 72" T

  • Signed & Dated: MPitzer '2019

  • Series: “Happy Art”

  • Price: $4,500.00 (Framed)


  • Happy Art

  • POP-Realism

  • Drawing

  • Pencil Art

  • Toy Banks

  • Guided Missile Bank

  • Michael Pitzer Artist

  • Fresno Artists