Slazenger OMEGA Tennis Racquet by MPitzer


About the artwork:
Title: “Slazenger OMEGA Tennis Racquet”
Artist: Mike Pitzer
Medium: Graphite & Colored Pencil on Artist Drawing Paper
Artwork Size: 36″ W x 72″ T
Signed & Dated: MPitzer ‘2023
Series: “Happy Art” Pop-Realism Drawings by MPitzer
Ships: Rolled in a protective, archival paper and shipped in storage tube


My Slazenger OMEGA Tennis Racquet was my very first, brand new racquet I’d ever purchased. It wasn’t handed down to me. I didn’t find it in the rafters of my Grandpa’s garage. It was “NEW!” At that time, I couldn’t afford natural gut tennis strings so I went with oil-filled nylon, and I paid for every penny of it by mowing lawns at $5 a 1/2 acre. That’s what I said — a half acre… of thick Algonac, Michigan grass.

I probably bought the racquet more for its design than I did for how well it played because in all fairness, I wasn’t the best player and this racquet was probably more show than anything else. But I loved it because it was new and it was mine.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 6.5 × 6.5 in


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