Ice Cream Cones

Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone No.2
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This was my first commissioned art of a Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone that I created for one of our neighbors. I actually like this better than the 72" T one I'm still working on. I think it's the wetness of...
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Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone No.3
The Algonac Dairy Queen sat on the edge of main street at the end of the playground of the old Algonac Junior High. In the summer, we'd ride our bikes uptown and grab a 25-cent vanilla cone and then ride...
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Wingrove’s Dairy Vanilla Cone
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Every year as kids, when the weather started getting warmer, we’d all jump on a bus at Pte. Tremble Elementary School and ride to Wingrove’s (sort of like the local Dairy Queen), where we’d each get a free ice cream...
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