Lure No.1


by Mike Pitzer, 2018

Growing up in Algonac, Michigan, we lived on the St. Clair River with a dock that ran 150 feet out from our front yard. We’d swim in the summer, skate in the winter, and fish every chance we could from this dock. This lure is one of those “things” I remember so vividly from that childhood. The peacefulness of fishing. Sometimes with my Dad. More times than not by myself. My Dad’s Dad gave this lure to him and he in turn gave it to me. I have no idea where it ever ended up, who has it now, or if it’s even still in the family. Pretty much all of my things sort of disappeared when I moved away to finish college in California.

  • Title: Lure
  • Artist: Mike Pitzer
  • Medium: Graphite, Colored Pencil on Paper
  • Image Size: 34″ T x 16″ W
  • Framed Size: 41″ T x 23″ W
  • Signed & Dated: 2018
  • Series: “Happy Art”
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