Orange Tootsie Pop No.1

Orange Tootsie Pop No.1

by Mike Pitzer, 2020

The first Tootsie Pop I drew was a smaller Chocolate drawing. It was also my very first internet sale on But wanting to do something bigger, I decided to draw this Orange Tootsie Pop. I was finally able to get my colored pencils to blend the way I wanted them and this seemed like the perfect subject to do one of my 36″ x 72″ drawings.

I settled on that size when I realized I could buy a sheet of Plexi that size and not have to cut anything of it. The backing boards were 48″ x 96″, (a little larger), and I was also able to get some great rolls of drawing paper through Dick Blick which also happened to be 36″ wide.

Back to, up until this drawing was completed and placed there for show and sale, I hadn’t sold any larger pieces. Somehow I was picked to be featured in their what’s new section and I sold three large drawings and a few prints. I’m very thankful for the recognition, but I’m also very pleased with how this monster came out. I used every orange colored pencil and shade of orange I had to complete this.

  • “Orange Tootsie Pop”
  • Artist: Mike Pitzer
  • Medium: Graphite, Colored Pencil on Paper
  • Image Size: 36″ W x 72″ T
  • Signed & Dated: MPitzer ‘2020
  • Series: “Happy Art”
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